Early screening of your heart valves

We are combining world-leading AI and acoustics in a medical device that enables widespread early screening of valvular heart disease, preventing costly late detection of heart failure.

1 in 9

over 65s have significant valvular heart disease. This is nearly 2 million people in the UK and will grow rapidly due to the ageing population.


of patients are undiagnosed and will progress to late stage where the prognosis is worse than advanced stage cancer.


additional cost to the NHS per year because of treating patients at a later, symptomatic stage.

The current detection pathway for VHD is inadequate

1. Symptoms

Patients mistake the classic symptoms of valvular heart disease (breathlessness, fatigue) for other conditions or just the natural process of ageing. As a result, they wait until a late stage before contacting the healthcare system.

2. GP stethoscope exam

Patients with VHD symptoms are infrequently examined with a stethoscope. Even when a stethoscope is used, accurate diagnosis of VHD from sounds requires many years of training and experience. GPs miss more than half of clinically significant cases.

3. Echocardiography

A heart ultrasound is the gold-standard test, but requires a highly skilled operator to both acquire and interpret the images. Hospitals have limited staff and a majority of GP referrals are unnecessary.

Our solution: a novel medical device to enable community screening of valve disease


Novel acoustic hardware

A new medical device to make recording heart sounds from the body simple and straightforward.

AI-driven diagnoses

State-of-the-art machine learning techniques to automatically analyse sound recordings and predict the presence of clinically significant disease with greater accuracy than a GP.

Our models are trained and evaluated on our proprietary datasets – thousands of recordings from actual NHS patients with valvular heart disease.

About us

We are a spin-out from the University of Cambridge Acoustics Lab. We are a team of engineers, machine learning experts and experienced clinicians who are all passionate about transforming patient lives by improving early detection of disease across the world.

Core Team

Dr. Andrew McDonald

Dr. Andrew McDonald

CEO & Co-Founder

Research Associate, Acoustics and Machine Learning, University of Cambridge.
Prof. Anurag Agarwal

Prof. Anurag Agarwal

CSO & Co-Founder

Professor of Acoustics and Biomedical Engineering, University of Cambridge.
Prof. Rick Steeds

Prof. Rick Steeds

Chief Medical Advisor

Consultant Cardiologist and Deputy Director of Clinical Research, ICVS Birmingham.
Prof. Steve Young CBE FRS FREng

Prof. Steve Young CBE FRS FREng


Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge. Entrepreneur and investor.

Selected Advisors

Prof. Mark Gales

Prof. Mark Gales

Professor of Information Engineering,
University of Cambridge.

Jamal Butt FRPharmS

Jamal Butt FRPharmS

CEO, MedAdvisor UK. Non-Exec Director, Croydon NHS Trust. Former Head of Pharmacy, Boots UK.

Dr. Katja Kostelnik

Dr. Katja Kostelnik

Commercialisation Manager,
Cambridge Enterprise.

Dr. Girish Sabnis

Dr. Girish Sabnis

King Edwards Hospital Mumbai.

Prof. Bernard Prendergast

Prof. Bernard Prendergast

Consultant Cardiologist, St Thomas’ Hospital. Chair of Cardiology, Cleveland Clinical London.

Latest news

Team wins international machine learning challenge to classify heart sounds

Our machine learning algorithms won prizes in the George B. Moody PhysioNet Challenge 2022.

Full story (cam.ac.uk)

NHS clinical project featured on BBC News

BBC Look East highlighted our research with Royal Papworth Hospital and other NHS trusts. 

Full article (bbc.co.uk)

Tech shown to MPs at Heart Valve Awareness event in Westminster

Machine learning technology shown to MPs  at a parliamentary event hosted by MP Steve McCabe.

Video of the day (YouTube)

Collaboration with 'Your Heart Matters' screening bus event in Birmingham

Technology shown to clinicians and general public to help raise awareness of valve disease.

More details (heartvalvevoice.com)

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